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How to Fix PancakeSwap “Insufficient Output Amount” Error

This article will address the familiar problem users face on PancakeSwap while swapping tokens. Yes, we are talking about the “Insufficient Output Amount” error message, which usually occurs when the slippage tolerance is too low, causing the transactions to fail. What is Slippage Tolerance? Slippage refers to a difference in price between the expected and…

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Stoicism explained

We are born naked, hungry, and confused, and As we go through life, we try to eliminate these feelings. We seek to achieve and obtain things, strive for higher status and wealth. And yearn for power over others.

We live hoping that we will have enough to free ourselves from vulnerability and confusion in the future. And find the ultimate source of happiness.

While this hopeful future may sound sensible, it keeps us trapped in our problems. To help us delve deeper into the phenomena of happiness and control, we will look at the ancient philosophy of stoicism.

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The Kite Runner Plot and Summary Explained

Set In The City Of Kabul, Afghanistan. The Story Revolves Around Two Friends, Amir And Hassan, Torn Apart By The Tragedy Of War And Fear. The Novel’s Pivotal Scene Happens In The Winter Of 1975 When Amir Fails To Prevent Sexual Assault Against Hassan. Shredded By The Guilt, Amir Began To Distance Himself To A Point Where Their Friendship Ends, And Only Silence Lurks.

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